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Green building practices promote construction of energy efficient, and healthy environments for people to live, work, and relax in. By building green, we can do something about protecting air and water quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and conserve scarce natural resources.

For the homeowner, the benefits of green building should be obvious–lower utility bills, and better indoor air quality.  For families, green building is especially important in protecting children from respiratory and other diseases.

There are many organizations that provide information on green building. We have selected a few organizations which we hope will help in your journey to a healthier and more socially conscious lifestyle.

City of Austin Green Building Program
The City of Austin has been the national leader in green building, and has been the model for many cities in creating similar sustainable programs.

Department of Energy “Energy Star” program
The Department of Energy has comprehensive information on energy efficiency ratings for many home appliances.   Please check your paper supply before printing anything – the lists are extensive!

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
The ACEEE does a great job of providing lists of the most energy efficient home appliances. For those who need to spend less money on toner, and more money on lattes, take a look at the ACEEE lists for appliances.


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